About Me

About me… where do I start? I grew up on the South side of Chicago.  My father was a local truck driver.  Driving was in my blood so after working as a route salesman I decided to buy my own truck in 1997 and drove for myself for over 22 years.  After having back surgery from bouncing around in a truck I made some life and career changes which have led me here. I became a licensed home inspector and a union carpenter, but I knew my passion was always real estate.  New houses, old houses, neighborhoods have always intrigued me so I decided to become a realtor.

I live in Oak Lawn with my wife and four-year daughter. I belong to a riding club that is family oriented. Whenever I have the chance I like to get out and ride.  I stay very active.  I workout every day if possible.   People say I have a great personality.  I also forgot to mention that I have  four older sisters who have helped make me the man I am today.